About Us


Gratitude Candle Company, LLC is founded on the symbol of gratitude. Every soy blend candle is produced with a perfectly matched and intoxicating fragrance to symbolize gratitude. We wanted to also symbolize the feeling you receive when you express gratitude. For this reason, we chose a premium wooden wick. Wooden Wicks create a soft, crackling sound reminiscent of a cozy night around the fire. similar to the feeling you experience when you show gratitude. 

Darren Couch - Owner Gratitude Candles



Each of our modern tin candles have a dual cracking wooden wick. 
We use our custom formulated blend of American soy wax,  vegetable waxes, and food grade paraffin. Our candle wax is infused with premium fragrance oils that are phthalate free and / or pure essential oils.
We produce our artisan hand poured candles using the Coogar Mark VIII candle filling machine. which produces the highest quality candles on the market today. We have a lot of gratitude for every candle we are privileged to create.